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AYAKALP GLOBAL can be considered as the best clinic to get treatment for Vitiligo.

At Kayakalp we work on all the possible causes of Vitiligo and plan the treatment accordingly so that desired results can be achieved.

1. Vitiligo or leucoderma is an autoimmune disorder and medication is planned to treat immune deficiency. In cases where disease is spreading we can arrest the spread of disease in 45 days.

2. In some patients vitiligo can get triggered due to deficiency of copper in body, if the treatment u are getting does not act at this level u can not achieve desired results.

3. Stress is a major trigger and constant stress can prevent vitiligo patches to heal. Ayurvedic medication is provided which help relaxation of mind and thus speed up recovery. It is a cycle that stress causes vitiligo and in turn vitiligo causes more stress. So this needs to be corrected.

4. Deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B12 can also trigger vitiligo and proper doses of these vitamins speed up healing. These vitamins act as excellent sources for Leucoderma medicines.

5. There are certain food combinations which can produce toxins in blood and thus cause Vitiligo. At kayakalp patients are guided proper diet plans so that he can get speedy recovery.

6. Long term steroidal use can cause thinning of skin so proper herbal applications which trigger color production without any side effect are prescribed.

7. Pigment cells need proper environment to grow quickly. Herbs like Vitix clear the skin from free radicals and thus provide proper conditions for quick recovery.

8. Yoga guidelines are prescribed which helps body to clear free radicals from body and thus purify blood and speed up recovery.


9. Herbs like wrightia and cassia help maintain the color which has been formed and thus provide permanent results. These Leucoderma medicines are popular amongst patients looking to treat leucoderma the natural way.

10. At KAYAKALP we has developed a maintenance treatment so that after full recovery disease do not get restarted.

11. we are having a dedicated team of surgeons which look after the incurable patches like finger tips , ankle and lips.

12. We do not have branches so all the patients are personally examined by Dr Shailender dhawan and his team.

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