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Best Vitiligo Treatment in India
Best Vitiligo Treatment in India


Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the pigment making cells of the skin called melanocytes are destroyed in certain areas of the body. These random skin patches spread around the body due to a skin losing pigment called melanoctyes which is destroyed in certain parts.

Vitiligo Treatment

Why Kayakalp Global?

At Kayakalp we have perfected the art of re-pigmentation. Right combination of strength of external applications and right amount of UV exposure is key to success.


What is Vitiligo ?

Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by the development of white patches on the skin.

  1. Our skin has colour forming cells called melanocytes.
  2. In vitiligo, our immunity starts attacking these colour forming cells.
  3. Loss of colour forming cells leads to loss of pigment production in skin
  4. This leads to white colour in skin where colour forming cells were killed. This condition is called vitiligo or Leucoderma.

Vitiligo Symptons

Vitiligo has one prominent identifying symptom

  • Appearance of small white patches on the skin
    • initially regular and might become irregular as size increases indicating disease spread.
  • This condition is not painful or itchy
  • Appearance of white patches may make a person feel self-conscious, especially if present on visible places

Vitiligo Cause

According to Ayurveda

This disease is described as Shwet kushth in Ayurveda. Following are the causes according to Ayurveda texts.

  • Consuming foods with opposing properties at the same time, such as using Yogurt with Milk, Fish with Milk or achar (Pickle) with Milk , Honey with Ghee (Butter), Milk with salt, Milk with fruits specially Vitamin C containing fruits. These are opposite foods and if taken together, they produce slow toxins in our body.
  • Using cold drinks and cold water when you are in stress or after intense physical activity.

Vitiligo Type

Non-segmental vitiligo: This is the most common type of vitiligo and results in white patches appearing on both sides of the body. Usually it starts near the hands, around the eyes or mouth, on the feet, or in an area of the body where the skin rubs together frequently.

Segmental vitiligo (Unilateral vitiligo): This type of vitiligo usually starts when a person is young.


Vitiligo FAQs

1. Is Vitiligo genetic and can it spread to my next generation?
2. How many weeks will it take to stop the spread of disease after I join you?