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Best Vitiligo Treatment in India
Best Vitiligo Treatment in India

FAQS of Psoriasis

There are multiple factors which can cause psoriasis and once the disease is active there are multiple causes which can trigger psoriasis, we will discuss all this in this segment.

1. Can Psoriasis spread by touch?
2. What exactly is Psoriasis and can it spread to my kids? (Detail answer)
3.What are the causes of Psoriasis and what is Kayakalp’s mode of treatment?
4. How fast can I recover? Are there other diseases associated with Psoriasis?
5. My psoriasis goes away but comes back every winter. What to do?
6. I have joint pain along with Psoriasis. Is this dangerous?
7. What is the role of diet in Psoriasis?
8. Must watch patient testimonials
9. How do I control itching? Can I get medicine online?