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Psorcure Treatment Total Approach

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Under this approach patients are given a comprehensive treatment to clear the body from Psoriasis internally and externally. After Clearing the body from Psoriasis, this treatment create a shield to prevent future attacks of Psoriasis. This helps achieving long term remission.

Psorcure Treatment consists:
  • Internal Medication
  • External Applications
  • Sun Exposure
  • Diet Control
  • Yoga Exercises.
Not only all the components of this treatment package play an important role but all the products of internal medicines and external application play and important role in achieving long term remission period. A careful balancing has been done at the individual herb level as discussed in the Psorcure Treatment Process section. You remove one product from the equation; you will miss the objective of Long Term Remission although you may see short term relief.


Treatment Stages under Total Approach

The main Treatment under this approach is given for 3-6 months depending on the intensity and severity of the patient’s Psoriasis condition. The main treatment is followed by a 3 months maintenance treatment. Under maintenance treatment the doses of internal medication and external applications are reduced gradually while maintaining stabilized condition of the patient.

Thereafter patient is put on to observation period. This observation period lasts up to 2 winters. In the first winter observation period, patient applies external medication on the body till the passage of first winter after the clearance of body from Psoriasis.

During this period some patients may see some spots reappearing with lower intensity and severity. They will be controlled through external applications.

Once 1st winter is passed without flare up, patient is put on further reduced level of external applications (mainly Psorcure Oil) till passage of next winter.

If patient remains clear after the passage of 2nd winter, Patient stops all kind of medication and is required to observe diet and yoga guidelines.

Patients who follow this program as described above achieve the remission period which will be very long, possibly life long.

Following table will sum up the treatment procedure under Psorcure Treatment Plan – Total Approach
Stage 1
Main Treatment
3-6 months
Stage 2
Maintenance Treatment
3 months after stage 1
Stage 3
1st winter Observation
End of 1st winter after stage 2
Stage 4
2nd winter Observation
Stage 5 Just follow the Diet and Yoga Guidelines
A very long term remission (possibly life long) if patient follows the Diet and Yoga guidelines regularly

We recommend psorcure treatment some times with little variations under this approach to the following patients

1.Plaque Psoriasis Type I, Type II and Type III

2.Erythrodermic Psoriasis which is not developed after consumption of Methotrexate or similar products.

3. Gutate Psoriasis

4.Inverse Psoriasis

5.Postular Psoriasis (PP)

6.Palmo Planter Psoriasis (PPP)

7.Postular and Palmo Planter Psoriasis (PPPP)

70% of the patients under this treatment get treated successfully. Balance 30% patients whose body is hardened to natural treatment and is responding slow and all other kind of patient who are not listed above are put on Integrated Approach as described in the next section.

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