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Best Ayurvedic Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi - India


KAYA KALP GLOBAL SKIN is a leading dermatology (Skin) center in India. It is situated in Faridabad, Haryana near national capital Delhi.


live skin disease free life

It was started in 1992 by Dr. Shailender Dhawan and his team to treat chronic skin diseases like Vitiligo and Psoriasis which were considered incurable in modern medicine.

There was always a doubt in patient's mind regarding choosing the right leucoderma treatment approach for their skin disease.


It is believed that homeopathy is safe but problem is that in most cases homeopathy first bring out the disease so after starting the treatment disease first start spreading and then after few months patient start getting results. This is very scary for the patient as disease starts spreading when we start homeopathic treatment.

Similarly about Ayurveda it is presumed that it is slow and is in form of churans and bitter extracts which are difficult to consume specially for kids.

After completing Graduation in Ayurveda Science from Guru Nanak Dev University in 1992, Dr. Shailender dhawan  started working on patients suffering from Vitiligo (Leucoderma) and Psoriasis under guidance of Dr. S.L.Vasant who was principal of Ayurvedic Medical College , Jaipur and was MD in Ayurvedic medicine. At that time Dr. S.L. Vasant was working at charitable Ayurvedic wing of Escorts Medical Center, Faridabad and we were having thousands of patients under our treatment .


With years of work we have found that we need tailor made treatment for vitiligo and psoriasis patients depending upon
1. The age of patient,
2. Severity of disease,
3. Past medicines taken by patient,
4. If the disease is stable or spreading.

At Kaya kalp global we have developed a unique treatment method for treating skin disorders which combines speed with safety and long term maintenance .Medicines are in form of extracts so easy to consume.Thus ending the confusion regarding choosing the right treatment approach.




Doctor Shailender Dhawan belongs to a family of doctors practicing and specializing in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines. He completed his graduation in Ayurvedic Sciences in the year 1992 from Laxmi Narayan Ayurvedic Medical College, Amritsar (Punjab), a very reputed and known University for Ayurvedic system of medicines and did his Alternate Medicine from Mumbai university . His wife Dr. Suman Dhawan is also a graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and is specialized in cosmetology in skin care and has actively contributed her time and expertise for all the research projects carried out by Dr. Shailender Dhawan. Dr. Shailender Dhawan had treated thousands of cases suffering from Psoriasis and Vitiligo from India and abroad.

. Dr. Dhawan is working with Dr.Terresa Torres from Bolivia and integrated treatment is provided to patients in Bolivia suffering from Psoriasis and Vitiligo with great success. Dr. Dhawan in collaboration with consultant Herbal Division Canada presented the studies about role of herbal medicines in skin diseases at National Psoriasis Foundation USA.

. All the medicines were screened for safety and efficacy by American food and drug administration (FDA) and FDA approval for treatment was granted in 2007. Dr. Dhawan presented his research work to various medical bodies. He attended the many Annual conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL) .

. Detailed discussions were held with eminent doctors from other parts of the world on Vitiligo and Psoriasis-Causes and its Treatment. Dr Terence. J. Ryan of Oxford University, UK and many other doctors from USA and UK accepted this Ayurvedic line of diagnosis and treatment. They all pledged to work in coordination with each other to cure this disease.


Dr. Andreas katsambas from Greece requested Dr. Dhawan to attend 15th Congress of European Academy of Dermatology in Greece .

Dr. Dhawan had also attended second world Ayurveda Conference Pune and conference on Nano Biotechnology in Lucknow sponsored by National Botanical Research Organization(NBRI) Dr. Shailender Dhawan has combined the latest research with his traditional family skin treatments to produce fast acting and safe skin treatments.

Lives of thousands of patients have been changed after contacting Dr. Dhawan.




Vitiligo , Psoriasis , Psoriatic Arthritis .Atopic dermatitis .

• 25 years in practice for treating skin diseases.
• Successfully treated many more vitiligo patients during this period.
• Introduced a new line of treatment for Psoriasis in the year 2001.
• Many of Psoriasis patients has been successfully treated who are living a healthy and Psoriasis free life.

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Do You Know?

Psorcure Treatment Plan means 95%+ PASI reduction and long term remission. It is very much safe.

Doctor Profile

Dr Shailender Dhawan has specialization in Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate, Pustular, Plaque, Psoriatic arthritis, and other diseases where hyperkeratosis takes place

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