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Progress made by patients

1.what is Leucoderma ?
2.How serious this disease is ?
3.Is vitiligo a genetic disease ?
4.What type of patients visit the clinic ?
5.Which blood group is more prone ?
6.What is scientific reason for vitiligo?
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What are causes of vitiligo why it spreads ?
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1.It is presumed that ayurveda is slow in results.
2.Is vitiligo just a skin disease?
3.What are causes of disease ?
4.can i get treatment as i live far away from clinic ?
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What is the mode of treatment in vitiligo?
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1.How medicines work ?
2.Role of copper and Khadir in vitiligo patients?
3.What are Eximer lasers ?
4.When i get injured skin become white ?
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1.Can allopathic be used in combination with Ayurveda ?
2.Is it genetic disorder ?
3.Is treatment for kidz is possible ?What is role of yoga in vitiligo?
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1.If i start your treatment will my disease spread first ?
2.How ayurveda root out the disease ?
3.What is role of Anantamool ?
Reply by doctor

1.Marrige after one year what to do ?
2.Letter from patients
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