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Jeewan Garg (Google Certified Partner)

*Immediate Results!!!!!!!!

In my desperation for a natural healing, I shelled out for Psorcure Treatment. It took forever to get the stuff but with the exceptional customer service at Dr. Dhawan's clinic, I was sent a shipment via courier and it arrived in exactly 7 days.

I started the treatment Last Tuesday, November 8th. I had to take photos of some of my major spots. I have had psoriasis for 9 years and it did go away in college with the use of Dovonex and cordran tape but it recently came back worse than ever upon leaving the father of my child and becoming a single mom. I have scalp psoriasis ALL OVER my head, in my ears, all over my upper and middle back, almost completely over my elbows, almost completely covering both breasts, on my groin front and back, and taking up most of my right shin. While I was waiting for the shipment, I tried to cut down on the cortiosteroids and of course that made things worse but I was sick of putting drugs and chemicals all over my body. It just wasn't going away like it did in college. My skin was cracking and bleeding. Huge bumps had formed on my scalp that I could peel off. Sometimes I just cried from the pain. I even got on my face. I felt like it was taking over my body.

After exactly 10 days of Psorcure treatment, my skin itches tons less, I'm starting to see my own skin on my breasts and elbows and in the middle of my huge patches!!!!! Even after the first day or two, the bumps on my scalp went down by 80-85%!!!!! There is hope for us yet, just pray and believe!

When you are taking Dr. Dhawan's treatment, you shouldn't go in expecting immediate results. In my opinion, that is the wrong thing to expect. From my experience using every sort of psoriatic steroidal medicine on the face of this planet, steroids work much faster than Dr. Dhawan's treatment. However, speed is not what's most important. Just as fast as those steroids work to improve your psoriatic condition, they stop working just as quickly after several months of taking them. What is most important is the LONG-TERM effect of the treatment, and Dr. Dhawan's treatment DEFINITELY is the real-deal for ending your psoriasis once and for all.

When taking his treatment, you have to keep in mind that he is curing an INTERNAL problem that you have had your entire life, which won't go away in just a few days or weeks. Curing a long-standing internal deficiency should be expected to take months, which it does. But if you stick to his instructions, word for word, you will see amazing results within 6 weeks, this I personally can guarantee you. I have a feeling if you don't follow his instructions exactly, that will only impede the speed at which you recover from your psoriasis.

(By the way, I'd like to add something here. Something I don't like is the use of the word "alternative medicine". Medicine IS medicine, there's no such thing as "alternative medicine". Eastern medicine is just as efficacious as Western medicine from my experiences. In fact, using the earth to cure our bodies is better, because it offers less side-effects than the less natural, chemically-engineered medicine from the Western pharm. companies. Eastern medicine has been used for centuries, which allows its practitioners to be well-aware of any potential pitfalls. When the public uses herbal remedies, the public isn't acting like a form of guinea pigs, which often seems to be the case from the medicine created by today's "Western" pharmaceutical companies.)

Dr. Dhawan, in my opinion, could expand his endeavours to focus on individual treatments also, such "stress-treatment", "skin-rejuvination treatment", "internal-cleansing treatment", and I'm sure there's more things he could offer too (if he isn't already). The above are all the improvements that you experience while taking his treatment. Not only are the psoriatic rashes eliminated from your skin, but you also experience a calmer state of mind from his psorcalm tabs, more radiating skin from his psorcure oil, and internal cleansing from his psorclean tab.

What makes his treatment so important is that it treats the ORIGIN of your psoriasis. It cures you from the inside-out, instead of just on the outside, like all the psoriasis medicine out there today. I no longer am waking up with dandruff and my nails are beginning to look normal again. Not only this, but now I don't have to worry about getting psoriatic arthritis when I'm older (I'm 26).

In addition to all this, Dr. Dhawan provides you with valuable instructions on how to live a healthier lifestyle, which you can use for your entire life. I also like Dr. Dhawan because he makes sure to stay in close contact with you through email and if you ever have a question, he makes sure to respond.

I'm guessing I probably have no more than 2 more months of this treatment. I plan to tell everyone I come across who has psoriasis about his treatment once I am totally cured. The entire world should no that there is a cure for psoriasis and people suffering from it shouldn't have to suffer anymore.

I decided to at least submit all my information to the good Doctor in India and see what he has to say. I filled out a fairly lengthy questionnaire about my p and also sent up results of any medical testing I've had done lately. I sent my blood allergy, candida stool, leaky gut, strep and regular allergy test results. They may want me to have a couple more blood tests down the road. They also asked for pictures which I had my dh take last night and uploaded to them (yikes, I look SOOO BAD, despite all my efforts over this past year). I've been in contact only with the doctor's representative for North America - name Rajesh, based in Canada. So far, excellent customer support - I feel like their only patient right now - which could be good or bad news!

Now, all I do is wait for the doctor to give me his analysis and recommendations. After that I can decide if I want to pay my $200 and pursue it.

I'll keep you posted!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*I ordered, too
I also very much liked the fact that he writes up a complete consultation BEFORE you send any money at all. You give him all the information (and there is a lengthy quetionnaire you fill out for him), reports, pictures, he reviews them, sends his analysis, THEN you decide if you want to pursue or not. With western MD's, you have to shell out your co-pay before you even get to MEET him or her, let alone hear what they have to say about your condition. Now granted, this Indian doctor didn't "see" me, but I feel he knows me and my situation better than any "typical" western MD.

I'll keep you all posted.

Here's to clear skin SOMEDAY!!! It will happen and like Dulane says - maybe if we can figure it out, our kids won't have to suffer with it.Thanks for the words of encouragement all of you. And James, looks like we'll be in this together! I just ordered my treatment plan as well. I was very impressed with the analysis he gave me - he really read through all the reports I submitted and looked at my pictures. He wrote up about a 2 page consultation. He is so confident that he can help. May I ask how he rated you? I was a 4 out of 10 in terms of severity (not sure I filled in that body chart right, because I feel worse than a 4!), and he gave me a 9 out of 10 in terms of his confidence that the plan with clear me. I was very encouraged!

Deb Alanc


I asked Dr. D. last night directly about whether or not his products contain steroids. I was pretty sure they didn't from the reading I did, but wanted to hear it directly. Here is his response:

"Your query is genuine , We have performed all the lab tests on our products.the most sofisticated and relaible is HPLC that is high precision liquid chromatography.Through out the world this instrument is considered gold standard in chelking the steroidal contents of any product.


So it sounds like not only does he never intentionally put steroids in his products, but he tests other stuff that comes to him to make sure no one else puts steroids in them.

Good question alanc, something we should always be checking if we are trying to aviod them.

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Psorcure Treatment Plan means 95%+ PASI reduction and long term remission. It is 100% safe.

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Dr Shailender Dhawan has specialization in Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate, Pustular, Plaque, Psoriatic arthritis, and other diseases where hyperkeratosis takes place

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