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Treatment Process

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Psorcure Treatment Process

Psorcure Treatment Plan has been developed after 12 years of dedicated research. The crux of this program lies in its concept.

Psorcure Treatment Plan has been developed after 12 years of dedicated research. The crux of this program lies in its concept.

Basic Psorcure Concept

Psoriasis is a complex multidimensional disorder.

This situation gets further complex when different patients try to use different treatments in their quest to manage their psoriasis condition and gradually get their body hardened and immune to these treatments which they are taking. Their body ultimately stops responding to these treatments and their psoriasis condition changes from mild to moderate to severe to very severe.

Clinic Psoriasis believes that no plan can be effective on long term basis unless it treats all the causes, triggers and conditions to Psoriasis together.

Psorcure Treatment Plan follows this basic concept of treating all the Causes, Triggers and Conditions together to provide a Safe and Effective Long Term Treatment.

1.Psorcure Treatment Plan treats CAUSES such as formation, accumulation and spreading of toxins in the body.

2.Psorcure Treatment Plan treats TRIGGERS such as stress and strengthens the shield to block these triggers to act at body level.

3.Psorcure Treatment Plan treats the CONDITIONS such as blockage in toxins, channelise and corrects the auto immune system.

4.Psorcure Treatment Plan through its integrated approach forces the body of patient to soften and respond to treatment.

By attacking and treating all these causes, triggers and conditions TOGETHER , Psorcure Treatment Plan is able to provide a safe and effective long term treatment to its patients.

As discussed in Psorcure Treatment Approach section on this website, the main objective of Psorcure Treatment Plan is to help patients to attain Long Term Remission (possibly life long) from their Psoriasis Conditions.

To achieve this objective it is imperative that Psorcure Treatment Plan is taken in it's entirety as explained in the next section.

Psorcure Treatment Components

Posrcure treatment plan consists of following 5 basic components

1. Internal Medications (Psorcare, Psorclean and Psorcalm)

2. External Applications (Psorcure Oil and Psorcure Ointment)

3. Sun Therapy

4. Yoga Exercises
5. Diet Guidelines

The Internal Medications and External Applications consists of numerous herbs processed individually and together. Some herbs are present in multiple products but they are processed differently to attain a desired potency level to treat different causes. At Clinic Psoriasis we developed some proprietary methods to process and blend different herbs.

It is important to understand that to get long term benefits from Psorcure Treatment plan, one has to take not only all the components together but also all the ingredients together as prescribed by Psorcure Doctor and for the duration as prescribed by the Psorcure Doctor.


To understand the importance of this, let us consider the following facts

1. At clinic psoriasis we have developed various unique and proprietary processing techniques to create the right blend of herbs to provide the potency level required for the treatment of various causes. Unprocessed herbs and herbs taken on individual basis will not give us long term results which we are looking for.

2. At Clinic Psoriasis we optimized the total quantity of various herbs to be given to different patients and at what time they are to be given to get the maximum benefit. We carefully divided this quantity and mixed and blended them to different products to maximize the benefits.Therefore it is important that all the products are taken in the right quantity and at the right time as prescribed.

3. Without internal medication, external applications will act and give you short term relief as if you are on steroidal application and as soon as you will stop these application the psoriasis may come back. Similarly without external application, internal medication will treat you internally but will not be able to create a shield due to the presence of existing uncleared psoriasis conditions on the skin.

4. Some of the ingredients of external application gets hyper active when they are exposed to Sun. Therefore exposure to Sun as prescribed increases the effectiveness of external applications and provides quick results.

5. The importance of yoga exercises and diet guidelines is due to following two factors.

a. They speedup the process of treatment in the initial stages by helping in correcting the immune system.

b. Consistency and regularity in doing the yoga exercises and observing diet guidelines makes them part of patient’s life. At the end of the treatment all other medications are stopped and patient has to follow these guidelines to maintain their Remission Period. If patient practices these guidelines right from the beginning, it will be easier for patient to follow them in the remission period as a habit with consistency and regularity.

6. Sometimes patients find some cheap products containing one or two similar herbs as mentioned in our products. Some patients may tempt to replace these products with some of Psorcure products or after some time patients may tempt to switch over to these products. This may ruin the very purpose of long term remission for which Psorcure Treatment is being taken. We have seen the cases in the past where patients came back to us after witnessing flare up and starting the treatment all over again.

a. The cheap product may not be containing all the ingredients of psorcure product which patient is replacing resulting in shortage of herbs to be given under the treatment.

b. As mentioned earlier herbs under psorcure products are processed with some proprietary methods to achieve and maintain the desired potency level which might be different from cheap products. The substitution may shorten the potency level and may fail to provide long term results.

c. The daily dose of different herbs being given to patient is also important part of treatment. Any imbalance in the daily quantity of herbs may also impact the long term results.

d. We developed a careful balancing by administering some herbs through skin and some herbs through oral medication. As we mentioned before psoriasis is a complex multidimensional disorder and psorcure treatment concept is to work on different dimensions together. This balancing plays an important role to bring in the desired togetherness and provide the vital long term remission. Any disturbance in this balancing of herbs may destabilize in psoriasis condition and may result in flare ups.

e.To get Safe and Effective Long Term Treatment, it is important to use only psorcure products as prescribed and no mixing should be done with any other alternative products or treatments unless specifically authorized by Psorcure Doctor.

Sometimes patients find that their body is cleared as early as in the first month of treatment and they get lenient and irregular to the treatment. This approach will not give long term results. These patients come back and start the entire treatment all over again. To get long term results one has to take main treatment and maintenance treatment for the minimum duration as prescribed by Psorcure doctor and general guidelines given in the Psorcure Treatment Approach section of the site.

Psorcure Your Body and Live Psoriasis Free Life

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Do You Know?

Psorcure Treatment Plan means 95%+ PASI reduction and long term remission. It is 100% safe.

Doctor Profile

Dr Shailender Dhawan has specialization in Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate, Pustular, Plaque, Psoriatic arthritis, and other diseases where hyperkeratosis takes place

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