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How is Psoriatic Arthritis formed?

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Activated T cells attack both skin and Synovial membrane (Skin that covers the joint from in side) at the same time. This causes psoriasis patches to appear on skin and deformation of joint.

Activation of T Cells produces inflammatory proteins in joint like TNF Alfa (tumor necrosis factor) which attacks the joint and causes inflammation and redness by increasing the blood supply to effective joint.

No marker has been yet found clinically and with laboratory tests which can predict that which psoriasis case is going to develop in psoriasis arthritis.

Just presence of raised ESR and C reactive proteins in acute stage is found in lab tests. Lots of confusion is there regarding the origin of psoriatic arthritis and various researchers are having different school of thoughts about the cause of psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis will generally develop in one of two ways:

“Localized” mild psoriatic arthritis develops slowly, with mild symptoms, and affects less than five joints. People with this type of psoriatic arthritis will often live without symptoms for an extended period of time.

“Generalized” disabling psoriatic arthritis is a more serious form of the disease that affects five or more joints at the same time. This form of the disease will often lead to permanent joint damage and disability, and requires medication early. In severe cases, surgery and rehabilitation may be required.

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Dr Shailender Dhawan has specialization in Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis, Guttate, Pustular, Plaque, Psoriatic arthritis, and other diseases where hyperkeratosis takes place

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How is Psoriatic Arthritis formed?

Activated T cells attack both skin and Synovial membrane (Skin that covers the joint from in side) at the same time. This causes psoriasis patches to...

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